When you realise that life is short and that your every breath is a blessing, you stop wasting time on things that you don’t hold valuable. You stop pretending that you enjoy certain functions and don’t lose sleep over things that are petty. You become more intentional in your choices. You are deliberately loving, deliberately kind and you learn to listen. You figure out what is healthy for you (spirit, mind and body) and invest in it. You stop comparing yourself to people who are on a different route and celebrate what you have.

Life can come at you fast and it can come at you messy. Your plans may not always work when you want them to. You may not even be fully sure of what it is that you want to do. But God’s timing is perfect. Smile at the ‘small’ things and take time to be fully present in ‘those moments’. Work hard. Appreciate people more and learn to both give and receive love. Remember that you are beautiful, you are intelligent and capable of learning anything you put your mind to. Pursuit excellence. Pursuit growth. Do you boo! Your thoughts and words are powerful. Here is to finding your truth and becoming a better you.

Marian Isola