The space to write

I was asked, where do I like to write.

I like to write wherever I feel comfortable. This is usually in the evening, when everyone has gone to sleep, when I’m warm and have salvaged some ‘me time’. When the house is silent and ideas have slowly begun whirring in my mind, I like to sit at the table hugging a warm drink and tap, tap my thoughts into sentences on my laptop.

I also like to write when I’m in my bed. First thing in the morning after I’m awake, still wrapped in the duvet, stretched out, and after having stared absent -mindedly at the wall for a few moments I like to flip out of bed, grab a note book and quickly capture my thoughts before they get lost to the dangers of perfectionism and over thinking.

Sometimes, I like to write when I’m on the train, squashed between one tired, irritable person and a smiling newspaper reader. The times when everyone around me is busy but preoccupied with themselves and I’m  lost in my thoughts and trying to impatiently hammer ideas into my smart phone before I am called or have to get off at my stop.

There are dozens of places I would love to write – in a rustic French cafe, on a comfy blanket by the sea, in a vintage chair by a large window, looking out onto a beautiful scenery – but these things don’t come every day – so yeah, as long as I’m comfortable and have some ideas I can write wherever basically…


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