This blog is about making progress. I’ve wanted to start working on my writing and a few other ambitions for a really long time and I thought that a blog could be a good place to start. I also wanted to share a few tips I have on making progress with goals – whether that is about learning how to make a new recipe, developing a new style, starting a business or building your confidence.

Here you can follow my own journey as I work on my writing and other objectives. You will also find encouragement, interesting quotes, articles on education and Africa, and random pictures of things I like (mainly food, interior design or random home accessories – you see I love food and I love decorating).

So why the name yam and ink?

Because I was having a creative thinking block and struggling to think of a cool, quirky yet relevant name for the blog. I was pestering my husband about what to call it and he asked me to name two things I wanted to work on.

I said … “Well… I would kind of like to cook a little bit more” and “I definitely want to work on my writing”

After a few head scratchings he replied

“Why not just call it ‘yam and ink?’” …  he really enjoys eating yam.

In many cultures yams are symbolic of wealth, power, a strong work ethic and a bountiful harvest.

Ink is that colored fluid or paste used for writing, drawing, printing, or duplicating. It is a metaphor for creativity. It is a symbol of a tool you can use to create your dreams.

I said, ”Oooh. I think I like it. I’m not sure. That’s so random. Actually, yeah that works. OK cool. Thanks. I love you”

To avoid procrastination and not starting the blog because I was still thinking of a name, I decided to run with it. So here we are. Yam and Ink!

Please enjoy.

Vision, beginnings, mistakes, fear, starts, stops, repeats, progress, failure, stillness, discipline, crawling, walking, trying, running, practicing, advancing, laughing, succeeding, peace, living, victory, vision, begin…

Disclaimer: Unless I have stated otherwise, the pictures posted on this blog do not belong to me. I will do my best to link or state a references for all known sources.


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