#Grateful #thankful #blessed

I am grateful for kind people. Sometimes you meet strangers who challenge you to be better because of the way they live their life. I remember when I first moved to China for my year abroad, I did not have a clue about anything! I met this girl who fully went out of her way to help me feel settled. Her and her boyfriend took me out to dinner (and paid), taught me short cuts for travelling through the city, gave me tips on things I should be aware of and showed me where I could buy products to look after my natural hair :-). She inspired me to be more caring.

I am grateful for good food. For sweet potato salad, well-marinated chicken, efo riro with grilled fish and rice, giz-dodo, warm cake and ice cream, apple crumble and custard, thank you Jesus. Food makes me happy, especially when it is raining outside and my husband delivers it to me with a cuddle, comfy blanket and a movie.

I am grateful for my past challenges, for all that I am now and for all that I can be tomorrow. I will never forget the struggle of looking for jobs after university (more on that testimony later). It is a sheer delight to wake up with purpose and do work that you love. I am thankful that I did not give up. I have learnt that comparing yourself to others is the biggest waste of time. Mastering the art of self-discipline, being a better you and having a Godly attitude when you are going through challenges is priceless. As is being humble and remembering that you are a Queen. I am thankful that I am learning these lessons daily.

I am grateful for my mother. My sense of possibility, willingness to work hard and strength of mind comes from her. I am grateful for my husband; marrying him was the best decision of my life. I am grateful for family, for people I can totally unfold and be myself with. Beautiful.

I am grateful for laughter. I am grateful for peace. I am grateful for familiar sounds, new music and I am grateful for silence. I am grateful for good health. For limbs that move when I want them to. For the ability to imagine, think, create, and (often) re-create. I am grateful for chance the to start again.

I am grateful for provisions to execute my dreams. I am grateful for opportunities to travel. I am grateful for life.

#Grateful #thankful #blessed

#Goal to write about something you are grateful for. 500 word limit